The unique V8 power solution for larger boats

Created for the heavy-duty demands of large offshore boats, the 5.3 litre Yamaha F350 is a true technological pioneer. This 4-stroke V8 is the world's largest displacement outboard, combining unique levels of power and torque with the refined performance required by today's sophisticated hull designs.

Yamaha's EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) delivers smooth performance and maximum fuel efficiency across the power band - and despite its size and power, Yamaha's weight-saving technologies have made the F350 surprisingly light and compact too.

With the PrimeStart™ system, starting is as easy as in your car – and digital drive-by-wire technology keeps you in precise control. 


32 670.00 €

Garantii 3 aastat
Mootor 4-takti, V8-silindrit
Kubatuur 5330 cm³
Võimsus 350hj (257,4kW) @ 5500rpm
Jahutus vesi
Toitesüsteem EFI sissepritse
Starter elektriline
Juhtimine distants
Käigud F/N/R
Jala trimm hüdro
Voolu väljavõte -
Jala pikkus X:637mm / U:764mm
Kütusepaak -
Lisa kütusepaak 12L + voolik -
Mootori kaal koos propelleriga F350AETX: 356.0 kg / FL350AETX: 356.0 kg / F350AETU: 364.0 kg / FL350AETU: 364.0 kg

Teid aitab - müügikonsultant
Gregor Kaares +372 5279468
Lauri Lill +372 5016673
Ott Kopti +372 55537333


FL350AETX mootor  32670€
F350AETU mootor    32670€
FL350AETU mootor  32670€