Delight 125

Low fuel consumption, multiplied possibilities

The stylish D'elight is designed to make every trip so much easier and quicker - and a whole lot more affordable.

What makes this economical urban runabout so enjoyable to ride is its compact body and ultra light construction - and for added performance with reduced fuel consumption the D'elight is driven by our efficient Blue Core 125cc air cooled engine.

The low seat and roomy interior give a relaxed riding position - and there's plenty of space to store a full-face helmet or carry a business or weekend bag. And with its understated metropolitan styling and subtle European influenced design, the D'elight combines premium quality with class-leading value.


2 970.00 €

Garantii 1 aasta
Mootor 4-takti, 1-silinder
Kubatuur 125cc
Jahutus õhk
Võimsus 8,43hj (6,2kW) @ 6750rpm
Väändemoment 9,8Nm @ 5250rpm
Toitesüsteem sissepritse
Ülekanne / käike variaator / automaat
Rehvid ees / taga 90/90R12 / 100/90R10
Pidurid ees / taga ketas 180mm / trummel 152mm
Istme kõrgus 800mm
Kütusepaak 5,5L
Mõõdud PxLxK 1805x685x1145mm
Täiskaal 91kg

 Kõige kergem 125 klassi skuuter - kaal 91kg! Superökonoomne mootor Blue Core. Retro välimus.