VX Deluxe

For sheer all-round ability, this is hard to match

Sporty styling, great performance, exceptional economy, low maintenance and a great many features - all have played their part in making the VX models our most sought-after watercraft. But it is their all-round versatility that has gained them such a loyal following.

As well as a remarkably smooth engine and a host of other 'luxury' features as standard, the VX Deluxe offers our revolutionary RiDE control technology. This intuitive, user-friendly system introduces an immediate level of confidence to even less experienced riders.

Put simply, there is now no other watercraft which can deliver such a supremely capable and enjoyable on-water experience with such affordability.


13 300.00 €

Garantii 2
Mootor 4-takti, 3-silindrit
Kubatuur 1049cc
Võimsus 115hj
Kompressor -
Trimm -
Käigud F/N/R
Ride X
Cruise control X
Sõitjate arv 1-3
Mõõdud PxLxK 3,35x1,22x1,19m
Kütusepaak 70L
Panipaiga maht 93,2L
Kere materjal NanoXcel®
Netokaal 301kg

Teid aitab müügikonsultant:
Lauri Lill +372 5016673
Ott Kopti +372 55537333
Gregor Kaares +372 5279468


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