Linder Sportsman 400

A planing, family boat for lakes, skerries and coastal waters. Suitable uses include fishing and waterskiing (lighter people). For motors of up to 20 hp. Stowage space in the stern and middle seats. Steering console, including space for the battery, is available as accessory. An environment friendlier choice of boat. Made in high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminium corresponding to that used in aircraft. Sportsman 400 is supplied with aluminium oars. Approved by Det Norske Veritas.


3 590.00 €3 999.00 €

Garantii 2 aastat

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Pikkus: 4,01m
Laius: 1,64m
Kaal: 125kg
Sõitjate arv: 4
Soovituslik mootori võimsus: 10-20hj
Jala pikkus: L
Kategooria: D

Made in Sweden

Article number: 400000
Length: 401 cm
Width: 164 cm
Weight: 125 kg
Weight with max engineweight: 271 kg
Freeboard height: 47 cm
Interior height: 60 cm
Depth of hull: 63 cm
Hull thickness: 1.8 mm
Hull angle: 8°
Rec. motor: 6-10 hp (4.4-7.4 kW)
Rec. motor with steering console: 15-20 hp (11-14.7 kW)
Max power: 20 hp (14.7 kW)
Control cable length (side console): 1.80 m
Control cable length (centre console): 2.70 m
Steering cable length (side console): 2.40 m
Steering cable length (centre console): 3.30 m
Outboard length: Long
Max load: 420 kg
Max number of persons: 4
Approved bow eye: Insurance class rating 3
CE marked for category: D Sheltered waters