A legend - but for competition use only!

Rider and legendary machine in perfect harmony. At one with each other and with the water. It's how races are won.

The impressive power and acceleration of the race-bred 2-stroke engine is combined with a sleek, ultra-light hull. Supreme agility and control is the SuperJet's trademark, with the ability to out-carve rival racers by diving deeper and turning harder into turns.

Its unique ergonomic design - with spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar - lead the rider naturally into a comfortable lean-forward position, the ideal stance for competition riding. Your SuperJet is ready and waiting. But please be aware that it is sold for closed course and competition use only. 


8 165.00 €

Garantii 1
Mootor 2-takti, 2-silindrit
Kubatuur 701cc
Võimsus 80hj
Kompressor -
Trimm -
Käigud edasi
Ride -
Cruise control -
Sõitjate arv 1
Mõõdud PxLxK 2,24x0,68x0,66m
Kütusepaak 18L
Panipaiga maht -
Kere materjal SMC
Netokaal 139kg
Teid aitab müügikonsultant:
Lauri Lill Tel: +372 5016673 / e-mail:
Ott Kopti Tel:+372 55537333 / e-mail:

  • Sold for closed course and competition use only
  • High-performance, 2-cyl. 2-stroke engine
  • Lightweight, deep-strake hull & wide front section
  • Hyper-Flow 144mm jet pump & adjustable nozzle
  • Race-developed stainless steel impeller
  • Shorter spring-assisted steering pole
  • Optimised intake duct pump and ride-plate position
  • Electronically controlled ignition timing
  • Automatic bilge control system
  • Yamaha loop-charged combustion
  • Corrosion protection system
  • Slip-resistant padded foot tray