The awesome GP1800 - enjoy REAL high-performance.

Over many years, Yamaha's GP models forged an unbeatable reputation among serious racers the world over. This magnificent heritage is clearly visible and very much alive in the shape of our high-performance hero, the GP1800.

It's the answer to every performance enthusiast's prayer - an incredible-looking, super-smooth, super-powerful machine with a strong, agile hull and the ability to respond to the rider's every command precisely, predictably - and in an instant.

When such a machine includes the latest technical and electronic innovations - often unique and exclusive to yamaha - and proudly carries that famous name, you know you're in the presence of a legend. Meet it. 


21 080.00 €

Garantii 2
Mootor 4-takti, 4-silindrit, 4-klappi
Kubatuur 1812cc
Võimsus 260hj
Kompressor X
Trimm X
Käigud F/N/R
Ride X
Cruise control -
Sõitjate arv 1-3
Mõõdud PxLxK 3,35x1,22x1,19m
Kütusepaak 70L
Panipaiga maht 93,2L
Kere materjal NanoXcel2®
Netokaal 349kg

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Watercraft of the year 


  • Maailma kiireim
  • Suurim mootor, 1800cc (ülivõimas väändemoment)
  • Madalad hoolduskulud 
  • Madalaim kaal omas klassis
  • Madalaim kaal 260hj+ klassis
  • Nano tehnoloogia kere
  •  Supercharged SVHO 1812cc engine with EFI
  • NanoXcel2® hull - super-strong & super-light
  • New race-designed top-loader intake and ride plate
  • Revolutionary RiDE® system w/Reverse Traction ctrl
  • Fast electronic shift on-the-go trim system
  • Clear meters for F-N-R, RiDE and electronic trim
  • Remote security and Low-RPM Mode
  • Large integral mirrors and strong ski towing eye
  • Hydro-Turf mats and soft-touch re-boarding step
  • Glove box, under-seat and bow storage space