Just pick it up and go – it's your portable power!

The remarkably compact F2.5 is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the water, turning even the shortest boat ride into an enjoyable adventure.

This popular portable, with its stylish shape, is both clean and quiet, with a host of user-friendly features. It's packed full of pioneering Yamaha technology - and packs a punch too – offering plenty of power, superb handling and easy manoeuvrability. It also makes the ideal auxiliary engine for yacht owners.

A choice of convenient storage positions, a handy see-through fuel tank and simple, intuitive controls, all within easy reach - along with a large and comfortable carry-handle - make this 4-stroke the smartest choice of all.



799.00 €

Garantii 5 aastat
Mootor 4-takti, 1-silinder
Kubatuur 72 cm³
Võimsus 2,5hj (1,8kW) @ 5500rpm
Jahutus vesi
Toitesüsteem karburaator
Starter manuaalne
Juhtimine Rumpel
Käigud F/N
Jala trimm manuaalne
Voolu väljavõte -
Jala pikkus S:433mm / L:560mm
Kütusepaak 0,9L
Lisa kütusepaak 12L + voolik -
Mootori kaal koos propelleriga F2.5BMHS: 17.0 kg / F2.5BMHL: 18.0 kg

Teid aitab müügikonsultant:

Lauri Lill Tel: +372 5016673 / e-mail: lauri@yamaha.ee
Ott Kopti Tel:+372 55537333 / e-mail: ott@yamaha.ee

F2,5BMHL   879€ 


  • väike kaal
  • lihtne kasutada
  • kaasaegne tehnoloogia
  • F-N (Forward-Neutral) gears for easy control
  • Steering friction adjustment for manoeuvrability
  • Auto decompression system makes starting easy
  • 3-position Oil Leak-Free Storage system
  • Large and comfortable rear carrying handle
  • Convenient inspection window for oil level check
  • 360º steering makes manoeuvering a real pleasure
  • Integral see-through fuel tank for convenience
  • Greater combustion efficiency and lower emissions
  • TCI Ignition System for reliable performance
  • Full size shift lever for easy gear selection
  • Strong tiller handle with easy twist-grip throttle
  • Full Features & Techspecs